Worth Capital SEIS positions update

Date24 Apr 2018

To kick off the working week, a brief update from Worth Capital on their SEIS positions following the latest round of board meetings:

Rental Step www.rentalstep.co.uk

Rental Step have won an award and funding from the Government initiative: Rent Recognition Challenge, a £2M fund to develop technology that helps tenants improve their credit score and move up the housing ladder. In July, Mike and the Team pitch for a further £350K to invest in further technology enhancements and client acquisition.

Not Dogs www.notdogs.co.uk

The Founders, Kate and Jane have reported a 40% year-On-Year increase in turnover to end March 2018. Not content with that, they have signed an exclusive deal with Merlin entertainment, a FTSE 250 business, to open an outlet in Chessington World of Adventures, a venue that attracts some 1.70M visitors annually (source: Statista).

Uniblock www.uniblock.co.uk

The first tranche of funding was completed end March 2018 and the order book is already nearing capacity for this innovative building product. Look out for EIS follow-on opportunities within our new fund launching soon on Kuber Ventures.

And finally….

They are receiving significant volumes of traffic on their two online calculator sites: