All VCT, EIS, SEIS, and Business Relief qualifying investments are high risk and are not suitable for most clients. They are illiquid investments and Investors’ capital is at risk.

New Kuber fees – simplified for better value!


At Kuber we are forever looking for ways in which we can improve our service and value to Advisers and their Clients. We have recently conducted a review of our fees and the feedback from Advisers was that they were overly complicated and there were too many different fees. We have taken measures to resolve this which should not only make Kuber’s fees to Investors simpler but in the majority of cases, reduce the overall fees – meaning our services should give even better value for money.

Summary of revised Investor Fees:

Type of FeeFrom 01/03/2020Pre – 01/03/2020Notes
Initial Platform Fee1.5%1.5%Not taken on Reinvestments.
Ongoing Platform Fee0.2%0.24%3 years taken up front after which it accrues but is not taken until exits are realised within the Investor’s Portfolio.
Platform Subscription Fee£59 per EIS/SEIS Product and £29 per VCT/BR ProductReplaces Application Fee and Transaction FeeIf the Investor makes multiple investments into the same Product within the same allotment window this fee will not be duplicated.
Application FeeNone£120 per ApplicationNo longer charged.
Transaction FeeNone£9 per Investee CompanyNo longer charged.

Below is an example of the old fee structure compares to the new fee when investing into the Tax Year End Strategy:

£100,000 Investment amount£30,000 Investment amount
£1,5001.5% Initial Fee£4501.5% Initial Fee
£9600.24% Ongoing Fee (4 years ringfenced)£2880.24% Ongoing Fee (4 years ringfenced)
£120£120 Application Fee x1£120£120 Application Fee x1
£405£9 Transaction Fee x45£405£9 Transaction Fee x45
£2,985or 2.99%£1,263or 4.21%
£1,5001.5% Initial Platform Fee£4501.5% Initial Platform Fee
£6000.2% Ongoing Platform Fee (3 years taken upfront)£1800.2% Ongoing Platform Fee (3 years taken upfront)
£354£59 Platform Subscription Fee x6£354£59 Platform Subscription Fee x6
£2,454or 2.45%£984or 2.45%
£531or 0.53%£279or 0.93%

As of the 1 March all illustrations will be produce using the new charging structure.

Want to know more?

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