All VCT, EIS, SEIS, and Business Relief qualifying investments are high risk and are not suitable for most clients. They are illiquid investments and Investors’ capital is at risk.

Kuber Ventures launches KuberView+


Kuber Ventures has today announced the launch of their second generation tax efficient investment platform, KuberView+.

The new technology replaces the original software, which launched four years ago as the first full service multi-manager platform. It was designed to  allow advisers to access EIS, SEIS and BPR portfolios in a simple and transparent manner, providing an online reporting facility.

The launch of KuberView+ significantly increases the user experience by enhancing  the functionality available to Kuber platform users.

Kuber’s  objective was allow advisers to easily access tax efficient investments which, in its absence, are complex and opaque. The new platform enables advisers to adopt a structured approach, accessing transparent and comparative information about different investments and quickly constructing diversified portfolios.  A platform approach is essential at a time when advisers are increasingly adopting tax efficient investments as a solution.

The new platform provides an ability to monitor investments across their whole cycle – from first committing capital, through the investment allocation and on to eventual exit.

Advisers will similarly benefit from new functionality to examine real-time data relating to investments in detail. For instance, advisers will be able to view:

•             Progress of individual applications
•             Expected drawdown of funds by selected portfolios
•             Progress of investments, including updates and progress towards exit
•             Timing of tax certificates relating to investments
•             A document store which holds certificates and other key information organised in an easy to access format

From an investor perspective a single application form allows access to a range of portfolios and providers, reducing the administrative burden usually associated with the tax efficient investments.

From an industry perspective, the structured approach of using a platform reduces risk and costs, as KuberView+ automates much of the work that is currently done manually bringing efficiencies for financial advisers, wealth managers and fund providers alike.

We would be delighted to take any questions or feedback relating to KuberView+ through our Portal mailbox,  portalfeedback@kuberventures.com.

Dermot Campbell, CEO of Kuber Ventures, commented:

The tax efficient investment industry is increasingly relevant to a wider group of clients. Having set up the first of its kind platform four years ago, KuberView+ is a big step up for clients who want to diversify their portfolios, monitoring their investments in one place and maintain active lines of communication with the underlying managers.

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