All VCT, EIS, SEIS, and Business Relief qualifying investments are high risk and are not suitable for most clients. They are illiquid investments and Investors’ capital is at risk.

Kuber’s tax year end strategies have arrived.


Let’s talk about your options for ‘Tax Year End’ EIS.

At Kuber, we know how important tax year end deployment is for many of your clients. It’s all about that carry back tax relief.

So without further ado, we are pleased to announce the introduction of our two new Tax Year End Investment Strategies.

Kuber Technology TYE Strategy 2019/20
Kuber Generalist TYE Strategy 2019/20

Ok, now let’s talk about your ‘Plan B’.

Experience has taught us that it’s always good to have a back-up option for EIS investments, especially at tax year end when Fund Managers reach capacity or deployment dates don’t go to plan.

Did you know the Kuber platform can facilitate the re-allocation of client monies from one provider to another at the click of a button?

This feature has been a saving grace for many of our ‘carry back’ investors in the past. Start thinking about your back-up funds and build them into your illustrations/suitability reports today!