All VCT, EIS, SEIS, and Business Relief qualifying investments are high risk and are not suitable for most clients. They are illiquid investments and Investors’ capital is at risk.

Kuber’s offering strengthens further

Kuber Ventures, is pleased to announce that 8 new Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS)/Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) funds have signed up to its platform. This now brings the total number of funds available to 24 on the Kuber platform: 15 EIS, five SEIS and four BPR funds.

The new funds are as follows:

EIS funds

Amersham Corporate Development Capital (ACDC) Fund: created to enable investors to invest in an initial target post revenue growth opportunity in a Holographic IP-backed company

Mariana Water Turbine EIS Fund: an opportunity to invest in the purchase of hydro-electric renewable energy infrastructure assets that provide a long term income with high quality credit counterparties in the UK water sector

Symvan Technology EIS Fund: This Fund has been established to enable investors to invest in technology companies with high growth potential

The Imbiba Leisure EIS Fund: focused on asset backed investments in a series of new bar/restaurant concepts in London

Titan Storage EIS Fund: investing in asset backed freehold storage businesses in the UK. Focusing on sites in affluent and densely populated locations across England

SEIS funds

Deepbridge Life Sciences SEIS Fund: focusing on investments in innovation and research in the life sciences industry

The Goldfinch SEIS Fund: focuses on investments in the entertainment industry

Symvan Technology SEIS Fund: an attractive opportunity to invest with the benefits of SEIS Reliefs and CGT Reliefs in a number of small businesses in different businesses across the technology and media sectors

The SEIS market is now experiencing the rapid growth enjoyed by EIS in recent years. In 2013-14, figures show that over 2,000 companies received investment through SEIS and £168 million of funds were raised*.This compares with 1,160 companies raising a total of £86 million under SEIS in 2012**. With tax relief of 50%, this shows a clear interest in the UK’s investment space for schemes that both benefit the individual and economy.

In the run up to 2015’s tax year end in April, fund managers are increasingly identifying the value in a platform which streamlines the EIS/SEIS investment process and allows them to easily diversify their portfolios, spreading risk for investors.

Dermot Campbell, CEO at Kuber Ventures, said:

“Signing on five additional funds reflects an exciting time in the growth of the business, demonstrating Kuber’s credibility in the market and the longevity of our offering. Kuber now offers an extensive range of funds across a wide range of sectors making Kuber a natural one stop shop for EIS, SEIS and BPR investing.

“Kuber has a unique offering, along with a wealth of knowledge and experience, which has attracted these new funds to our platform and this is a strong start to 2016 for the company. Kuber’s long term strategy is to build partnerships with funds that are looking to diversify across a large group of EIS/SEIS investments and support with the complex EIS/SEIS investment process.

Andrew Aldridge, Head of Marketing, Deepbridge Capital LLP, comments:

“We, at Deepbridge, enjoy working with the Kuber team. The Kuber proposition provides advisers with a robust portfolio approach to tax-efficient investing. For those advisers wishing to mitigate their risk by splitting an investment across Investment Managers, Kuber is the ideal tool. Their team understands the tax-efficient investment space intimately and proactively supports and educates advisers, whilst reducing advisers’ administrative burden by assessing a number of managers on their behalf.”

Martin Sherwood, Partner and co-founder of Enterprise Investment Partners, added:

“We have been watching with interest the way Kuber has developed its platform, and are delighted that our two major products are being added, namely The Imbiba Leisure EIS Fund and the Titan EIS Storage Fund.”

Kealan Doyle, CEO, Symvan Capital, comments:

“Kuber has established itself as the ‘go-to’ platform for tax-efficient investing amongst UK wealth managers. When Symvan Capital was awarded Best SEIS Manager/Sponsor 2015 by the EIS Association, we also knew where to go”

Elton James, CEO , Mariana Capital LLP, comments:

“We are delighted to be listed amongst the providers carefully selected to be part of Kuber’s EIS platform. We certainly see the value of Kuber’s service; the platform gives advisers access to a broad range of underlying investment strategies, whilst reducing the administrative burden often associated with multiple EIS investments. We hope this will be the start of a long and fruitful relationship for both parties.”