All VCT, EIS, SEIS, and Business Relief qualifying investments are high risk and are not suitable for most clients. They are illiquid investments and Investors’ capital is at risk.

Kuber welcomes the Mariana Estate Planning Solution to the Platform


Following the introduction of the Kuber Ventures BPR investment portfolio, Kuber is delighted to announce the inclusion of the Mariana Estate Planning Solution to its BPR offering.

Elton James, CEO, Mariana Capital LLP, comments: “After a successful fundraise for our last EIS tranche, we are delighted that our BPR offering – the Mariana Estate Planning Solution – will be available on the Kuber platform.”

The main objective of the Mariana Estate Planning Solution is to invest in a portfolio of BPR qualifying investments, with long term, index linked and stable cash flows and its focus will be on unquoted trading companies in the UK. Currently renewable energy business backed by productive assets, proven technology and index linked fiscal incentives are well suited to deliver against the main investment objectives.

The BPR Investment Portfolio now consists of the following:

> Mariana Estate Planning Solution

> Guinness Sustainable Inheritance Planning

> Deepbridge IHT Service

> Blackfinch Adapt IHT Portfolios

> Seneca Inheritance Tax Service

The Kuber Ventures BPR Investment Portfolio can be accessed through the Kuber Platform with a minimum investment of £50,000 (minimum per manager £10,000) which offers:

> Diversification of investments across BPR managers which helps to mitigate risk

> Diversification of investments across asset class which helps to mitigate risk

> Flexibility of income with ad hoc withdrawals available sensitive to year on year client tax positions

> Simplicity – one application form and one payment

> Half-yearly valuations – providing a clear view of all BPR investments

> Ease of monitoring – track an extensive investment portfolio through one platform

> All of our managers must provide clear and fair charges

> By negotiating minimum investments per manager then we can offer your clients a wide diversification for lower investment amounts

> Our own charges are clear and transparent – reinvestments do not have another initial charge

The BPR Investment portfolio is capable of assisting your clients in the following possible scenarios:

>Power of attorney cases

>Limited Life

>IHT and returns for businesses holding too much cash.

>IHT planning with access to capital

>Trust cases (Lifetime interest in Possession trusts)

According to Intelligent Partnership, 95 per cent of advisers from a survey of 170 are expected to do more BPR business over the next five years.