All VCT, EIS, SEIS, and Business Relief qualifying investments are high risk and are not suitable for most clients. They are illiquid investments and Investors’ capital is at risk.

Kuber Ventures adds new Funds to its Platform


Kuber Ventures is delighted to announce another two new funds have been added to the platform, which further enhances the fund range available.

The focus of the Fund is to invest in UK based early-stage companies that seek to lead the market in provision of innovative product design and manufacturing.
Key criteria:
  • A defined pragmatic business plan with sales, profit and loss, and cash flow forecasts;
  • A well-designed product that solves a clearly defined problem;
  • A working prototype and indication of interest from key target client(s);
  • Defensible intellectual property;
  • Revenue flow or a qualified sales pipeline;
  • Winning chemistry within the founding team; and
  • Deep understanding of the relevant marketplace and a clear competitive difference
  • Equity SEIS
  • £3 for every £1 invested (total return of £4.80 per £1 required due to performance fee dilution).
The focus of the Fund is to invest in and provide support for UK based robotic start-ups. The Fund will typically invest in a robotics business with some of the following characteristics:
  • It provides a solution to a problem that requires physical manipulation of real-world objects (as opposed to fully virtualised systems);
  • The technology roadmap is likely to ultimately lead to autonomous system operations in time;
  • "Frugal Robotics" - sales models (such as Robots-as-a-Service) which require minimal capital investment by the buyer are likely to be preferred;
  • Where relevant, the business model should deliver at least a 200% performance-improvement versus existing solutions to the same problem;
  • The business model should start to generate cash within twelve months of the initial investment and have a credible hypothesis on how it will create a return for investors; and
  • Investee Companies will be chosen based on their potential exit consideration, based on a notional return of at least 300 pence for every 100 pence invested (not taking into account any tax reliefs) within three to six years.
  • Private Equity SEIS
  • £3 for every £1 invested (total return of £4 per £1 required due to performance fee dilution).

Dermot Campbell, CEO said:

“Diversification is becoming a non option for investors, adding these funds is excellent news. They are quality propositions and, this is an ideal time for Advisers to be making great choices and getting their client’s SEIS business done early”

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