All VCT, EIS, SEIS, and Business Relief qualifying investments are high risk and are not suitable for most clients. They are illiquid investments and Investors’ capital is at risk.

Investing in EIS Needs to be Easier

It’s too high risk.

It’s too complicated.

There’s too much admin.

These have become the all too common remarks we hear from advisers when discussing the world of EIS investing and who can blame you? With Christmas around the corner and tax year end soon approaching, is it really any surprise that advisers are too time poor to deal with the lengthy research, the multiple paper applications and the seemingly ever-lasting chase of EIS3 certificates?

So, let us say – we hear you, investing in EIS needs to be easier.

Since launching Kuber has been on a mission to do exactly that: offering you diversification and saving you time.

With the Kuber platform tackling the high-risk nature of EIS through the offer of diversification across EIS providers (see last month’s article), our client’s portfolios boast various industry sectors, funding stages and phases in the economic cycle. Not to mention the wealth of provider expertise derived from contrasting entrepreneurial backgrounds.

But does building a well-diversified EIS portfolio mean even more admin?

The good news – no.

It’s always been our opinion that using a platform should mean using a single application. It’s always been about accessing multiple providers and multiple underlying companies with one Kuber application. But now it’s time to innovate and take it further.

Kuber’s latest platform release is a product of adviser feedback and starts with a user-friendly digital illustration that proceeds to an online application at the click of a button. Do your application on the go and get your investments, figures, adviser details and fees pre-populated then and there. Better yet, why not integrate with Intelligent Office and have your client’s details pre-populated also? Finish it off with a quick digital signature and you’ve got an EIS application done and dusted in minutes during the client meeting.

And don’t worry about chasing tax certificates – we’ll do that for you. You can check their E.T.A online but rest assured, we’ll give you the heads up (or whomever you’d prefer) when they’re waiting in your client’s document library.