All VCT, EIS, SEIS, and Business Relief qualifying investments are high risk and are not suitable for most clients. They are illiquid investments and Investors’ capital is at risk.

Fund in Focus – Mariana Waste Management EIS


Kuber Ventures, the alternative investment platform for EIS/SEIS and BPR investments, is pleased to share its latest Fund in Focus, Mariana Waste Management EIS


Mariana are a global provider of financial solutions. Founded in 2009, Mariana was established as an institutional brokerage firm. Over the years, they have
developed a number of business lines; expanding our offering to include Market Strategy & Research, Real Estate and Tax Advisory Services. In addition to its well-established institutional presence, they offer a range of Structured Products, Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) and Business Relief (BPR) qualifying investments to investors via their financial advisors.

The opportunity

The UK produces 5 million tonnes of plastic waste every year. Only 10% of it is reused or recycled and 80% of it is dumped on landfill sites.

The solution

The Mariana Waste Management EIS investee companies will offer a service for the disposal of plastic waste that otherwise would have been taken to landfill sites. This service is offered at a significant discount to the cost of taking the waste to landfill – meaning the waste management companies can enjoy a large cost saving.

Key information

Scheme categorisation: The Scheme is structured as a Discretionary Managed Service
Target return: Targeting £1.15 per £1.00 invested
Scheme strategy: Asset Backed
Investment sector: Infrastructure
Target diversification: MWM EIS will only invest in a small number of Investee Companies.  Investors may only be invested in one investee company – significant sector bias limits diversification.
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