All VCT, EIS, SEIS, and Business Relief qualifying investments are high risk and are not suitable for most clients. They are illiquid investments and Investors’ capital is at risk.

Symvan Technology SEIS Fund 3

Symvan Capital

Investment Objective

At Symvan Capital, we enter into each SEIS investment with the aim of applying our Life Cycle Approach..

We conduct stringent due diligence even at this early stage, because we are looking for future industry winners.

We will not invest in a company unless it can demonstrate the potential to return ten times our investment within a reasonable time frame. Only prodigy companies need apply.

The Symvan Technology SEIS Fund 3 (“the Fund”) has been established to enable investors to invest in technology companies with high growth potential. Symvan Capital considers that companies operating in the technology sector that have high growth potential, which also qualify for SEIS tax reliefs and which fit with the Fund’s focussed investment criteria have the potential to offer investors very robust returns.

We focus exclusively on identifying and investing in companies with strong growth potential, displaying experienced and reliable management teams and a clear path to a plausible exit of at least ten times return on the original investment.

Exit Strategy

The Fund will take a long-term view on the Portfolio Companies and will aim to look at the possibility of facilitating a Portfolio Company exit after it has been held for at least three years by the Fund’s subscribers, thereby ensuring, wherever possible, that the Investment has met one of the key qualifying conditions necessary for Investors to obtain the relevant tax reliefs. However, there may be occasions where an earlier sale is a commercially sensible decision and this sort of speed of movement is not atypical of the technology sector.

It is anticipated that most exits from Qualifying Investments in Portfolio Companies will take place after they have been held for five to seven years, although some could take less or more depending on market conditions and the nature of the Portfolio Companies.

Symvan Capital anticipates that the most probable successful exits are more likely to be by way of a trade sale, but all options must be carefully explored and market conditions at the time are crucial to the success of the transaction. An IPO can often provide the most attractive returns to the shareholders and healthy public markets are also key to the functioning of the broader ecosystem for financing high growth companies. However, we note that even in the US, acquisitions account for the vast majority of exits from venture capital backed companies.

Fund Manager/Provider

Symvan Capital Limited

Symvan Capital Limited (“Symvan”) is a UK provider of tax efficient investment solutions and a Fund Manager of several funds investing in dynamic technology companies. Symvan Capital was established in 2013 and the sister company - Symvan Securities - is a corporate finance advisory firm which has been working with technology companies since 2010. The Symvan Group distinguishes itself through its deep ‘life-cycle’ approach to identifying and nurturing the potential technology stars of the future, whereby Symvan’s SEIS funds ‘seed’ a business, followed by an angel round of financing and further investment through Symvan’s EIS funds.

For further information please visit www.symvancapital.com


Fee typeFees charged to Investor
(including VAT)
Fees charged to Investee Companies (including VAT)
Initial Feen/a10.00% + £2,000 launch and establishment fee
Annual Management Feen/a£3,000 + Director fee
Performance Fee20%n/a
Other Fee Informationn/an/a
VAT will be added where applicable

Kuber Specific Arrangements

Kuber receives a fundraising fee of 1% from the manager. Kuber will return this fee to Investors by applying it to their Subscription amount thereby increasing their investment

For further information please do not hesitate to contact us on:
+44 (0) 20 7952 6685

Fund at a glance

Scheme Categorisation

Alternative Investment Fund

Target Return

£2.85 for every £1 invested

Scheme Strategy

Private Equity SEIS

Investment Sector


Target Diversification

5 investee companies

Nominee & Custody Arrangements

Custodian: Woodside Corporate Services Limited

Nominee: WCS Nominees Limited