All VCT, EIS, SEIS, and Business Relief qualifying investments are high risk and are not suitable for most clients. They are illiquid investments and Investors’ capital is at risk.

The Seed Mentors SEIS Fund


Seed Mentors

Investment Objective

The fund represents an attractive opportunity to invest with the benefits of SEIS Reliefs and CGT reliefs in a number of small businesses in different business sectors effectively spreading the risk for the Investor compared to concentrating investment in one business sector alone.

Seed Mentors have regular pitching events where potential companies pitch their business plan. Prior to the events each company submits their business plan which is reviewed by the Investee committee.

This ensures that when their business plan is presented there is a wide range of knowledge to challenge their plans.

The potential company meets with the Investment Committee, and its plans is also reviewed by an Accountant and a Solicitor

The investment committee then meet and decide on whether investment into each of the companies can be put forward to the fund operator, Amersham. More due diligence is completed on those companies that could be invested in before investment.

A recommendation is then made to Amersham based on the above process. Amersham then reviews a suite of documents concerning the due diligence and content for the proposed investment and will then decide if investment approval is given.

Exit Strategy

Sale, or merger of the company, management buyout or through other equity investment.

Fund Manager

Amersham Investment Management Ltd

Amersham Investment Management Ltd (AMIM) FRN 507460 was established by Paul Barnes and Michael Waller-Bridge in 2009. Regulated as an Investment Manager since 2012, AMIM provides professional and empathetic Investment Management to promoters and other regulated professionals, as well as the development and management of their own branded EIS & SEIS Funds.

For further information please visit www.amim.co.uk

Fund Provider

Seed Mentors Limited

Seed Mentors Limited is a privately owned company incorporated in England & Wales, dedicated to finding start-up businesses suitable for investment and then supporting them when investment funds have been provided.

For further information please visit www.seedmentors.co.uk


Seed Mentors will not make any charges directly to you but instead fees are charged to the investee companies.

Initial Fee

There is an Initial Fee payable by Investee Companies to Seed Mentors equal to 7.5% of amounts invested in them by Investors through the Fund, out of which the costs of the establishment of the Fund will be paid.

Annual Mentoring Fee

Seed Mentors charge a sum equal to 5% of turnover per annum for each Investee Company unless otherwise agreed. The ‘Director’s Fee’ and ‘Other Fees’ as set out below.

Manager’s Fee

In addition to a launch fee totalling £7,500 in aggregate payable by the Investee Companies (and apportioned between them) deducted from monies invested into the Investee Companies, each Investee Company will contribute £290 per month towards the Manager’s on-going fee, together with an additional administrative fee of £1,500 when the Manager’s services are terminated.

Director’s Fee

Seed Mentors charge a sum equal to 2% of turnover per annum per each Investee Company for the provision of a director to the Investee Company.

Other Fees

Investee Companies will pay Seed Mentors additional mentoring fees as Seed Mentors consider necessary of £75 per hour plus VAT after the 20 hours of free advice provided under the Seed Mentors Agreement. These may include due diligence on prospective Investments, audit and reporting, strategic, operational, marketing, financial management and other business, financial and legal advice advisory services on an arm’s length basis. Any reasonable arm’s length expenses and/or transaction fees incurred by the Manager in managing the Fund and/or by Seed Mentors in assisting the Manager shall be reimbursed by Investee Companies. Any dispute as to what constitutes a reasonable arm’s length expense and/or transaction fee will be determined by the Investment Conflicts Committee. The Manager is also responsible for Custodian Fees which will be recharged proportionately to the Investee Companies. The Manager estimates the Investee Companies will incur an aggregate initial Custodian Fee of £3,500 as Receiving Agent and an aggregate annual fee of £8,500. In addition, Investee Companies will pay Seed Mentors 2% of the invoice value of any contract introduced by Seed Mentors and accepted by the Investee Company. VAT will be charged on all fees as applicable.

For investments in The Third Seed Advantage SEIS Fund through Kuber, Seed Mentors will make a payment of 4.5% of the amount invetsed in companies to Kuber for the services provided by the Kuber Multi Manager Platform. Kuber has instructed the manager to redirect these payments in the form of cash to your account on the Kuber Platform.

Kuber Specific Arrangements

Kuber receives a fundraising fee of 1% from the manager.

Kuber will return this fee to Investors by applying it to their Subscription amount thereby increasing their investment.

For further information please do not hesitate to contact us on:
+44 (0) 20 7952 6685

Fund at a glance

Scheme Categorisation

The Scheme is structured as a Discretionary Managed Service

Target Return

The fund to achieve £1.20p for each £1 invested after 3 years as a minimum target.

Scheme Strategy

Private Equity SEIS

Investment Sector


Target Diversification


Nominee & Custody Arrangements

The Nominee: Woodside Nominees Limited

The Custodian: Woodside