All VCT, EIS, SEIS, and Business Relief qualifying investments are high risk and are not suitable for most clients. They are illiquid investments and Investors’ capital is at risk.

Seed Mentors Limited


Seed Mentors

Who is Seed Mentors?

Seed Mentors Limited

Seed Mentors Limited is a privately owned company incorporated in England & Wales, dedicated to finding start-up businesses suitable for investment and then supporting them when investment funds have been provided.

Seed Mentors Limited

Seed Mentors Limited (“Seed Mentors”) both seek out and have many companies approach them for assistance in securing start-up funds.

These companies span the entire spectrum of business activity. To facilitate the funding process, Seed Mentors carry out initial due diligence and with companies they believe merit further consideration, they arrange for them to be interviewed on Seed Mentor pitching days, held at a variety of venues, where their plans are subjected to scrutiny and the key entrepreneurs behind the business are questioned in detail.

What Seed Mentors do

It is usual on such days to have accountants and lawyers in attendance to consider and answer any issues that may arise. Those companies that pass the pitching day event and the accompanying rigorous process would then be recommended to The Second Seed Advantage SEIS Fund’s Investment Committee for them to finalise checks, make the necessary submission and to seek investment approval by the Investment Manager.

As part of their review process Seed Mentors may put forward conditions to the Investment Committee, which in their opinion should be met prior to investment or as a condition of further funding. In making their recommendation to the Investment Committee, the exact detail of the funding arrangements viz a viz costs, share of equity and the terms under which the management of the proposed investee company work would be considered on a case by case basis.

The Investment Manager would consider any recommendations made by the Investment Committee independently and will make the decision as to investment suitability.

Seed Mentors now have over fifty five mentors and actively seek to increase the number so as to provide a comprehensive back up mentoring service for the investee companies in various areas of specialism. Seed Mentors will also nominate a suitable Independent Director separate from the mentors to the investee company. With their contacts to various groups of Angel Investors, Seed Mentors also work with others who may participate or procure co-founders of any equity investments where appropriate.

Seed Mentors may also make arrangements with suitable referrers who can introduce start-up companies. These arrangements may, for example, be with firms of Chartered Accountants.

As part of their review and due diligence exercise, and where it is necessary, Seed Mentors will access any specialists in particular business areas needed to properly assess any applicants.

Seed Mentors is not an FCA authorised firm and will not be providing any investment services or undertaking any regulated activities in connection with the Fund.

Seed Mentors will provide the services of its directors or such other independently and suitably qualified consultants as it procures to provide the mentoring but such persons shall in each case be persons with a minimum of ten years’ experience in their particular discipline or who can otherwise demonstrate professional competence to provide mentoring services.

How Seed Mentors describes its investment process

The fund represents an attractive opportunity to invest with the benefits of SEIS Reliefs and CGT reliefs in a number of small businesses in different business sectors effectively spreading the risk for the Investor compared to concentrating investment in one business sector alone.

Seed Mentors have regular pitching events around the UK where potential companies pitch their business plan. Prior to the events each company submits their business plan which is reviewed by the Investee committee. At the event the potential company meets with the Investment Committee, an Accountant and a Solicitor. This ensures that when their business plan is presented there is a wide range of knowledge to challenge their plans. The investment committee then meet and decide on whether investment into these companies is applicable. More due diligence is completed on those companies that could be invested in.

A recommendation is then made to Amersham based on the above process who reviews a suite of documents concerning the due diligence and the if content with the proposed investment approves it.

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