All VCT, EIS, SEIS, and Business Relief qualifying investments are high risk and are not suitable for most clients. They are illiquid investments and Investors’ capital is at risk.

British Robotics Sidecar SEIS Fund

Investment Objective

The British Robotics Sidecar Fundu2019s investment objective is to invest in and provide support for UK based robotic start-ups. Capable, self-operating machines are increasingly becoming available to help people reduce time spent completing tedious, repetitive tasks.

The promise of robotisation within many areas of life suggests that robots may result in a new industrial revolution that potentially will spur on the global economy over future years. Consequently, robotics potentially represents one of todayu2019s most exciting investment themes. Over the next five years, the robotics market is forecasted to record compound annual growth rates in excess of 45% with the global market to exceed $200 billion by 2021.

The focus of the Fund is to deliver superior returns to Investors by making targeted investments in promising UK-based robotics and artificial intelligence businesses. The Fund seeks to invest between u00a325,000 and u00a3150,000 in each Investee Company.

Exit Strategy

The exit strategy of the Fund will be to realise individual investments following the SEIS and / or EIS Three Year Period either via a secondary share sale (to another fund), or trade sale, or IPO. In practice this period could be longer, and since the Fund has an anticipated life of six years Investors may be unable to achieve a return on investments made for their account before that time.

The Investment Manager may consider exiting an investment before the expiration of the SEIS and / or EIS Three Year Period if the growth of an investment has outperformed the market and covers any loss of tax benefit. The Investment Manager may also exit an investment if an Investee Company is the subject of a trade sale.

Exit History

N/A as no investments have exited yet.

Fund Manager

Sapphire Capital Partners LLP

The Sapphire Capital Partners LLP team have extensive experience within the alternative investment sphere and act as Investment Manager to several EIS Funds. They have also won several awards within the industry including: Winner, Best Individual - rising star in EIS and SEIS (Boyd Carson, 2016 & Vasiliki Carson, 2017), Highly Commended, Best EIS/SEIS Tax Adviser (Sapphire Capital Partners LLP, 2017) and Winner, Best Company - innovation, newcomer or rising star in EIS and SEIS (Sapphire Capital Partners LLP, 2017).

Fund Provider

High Growth Robotics Limited (Britbots)

High Growth Robotics Limited is a business mentoring company that seeks to champion the achievements of robotics start-up across the UK. Its services include: consulting on growth strategies; publicity via presentations and articles; and a think-tank on the use of robotics in public policy.

For more information visit britbots.com


Fee typeFees charged to Investor
(including VAT)
Fees charged to Investee Companies (including VAT)
Initial Feen/a< 3.90%
Annual Management Feen/a£12,000 (unless otherwise agreed)
Performance Fee25%*n/a
Other Fee Informationn/an/a
*Performance Fee

Performance fee charged at 25% on the amount of the increase over and above u00a31.00 (based on a u00a31.00 investment) received by investors.

It is noted that the 25% will be split 17.5% to High Growth Robotics Limited and 7.5% to Sapphire Capital Partners LLP.

To the extent that the performance fee is not paid by the Investee Companies, Investors shall be liable for their share of such fee and the Custodian may be instructed by the Investment Manager to transfer cash in an Investoru2019s Portfolio to the Investment Manager and the Company Mentor to satisfy any outstanding performance fee.

Kuber Special Arrangements

Kuber receives a fundraising fee of 2% from the Manager. Kuber will return this fee to Investors by applying it to their Subscription amount thereby increasing their Investment.

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Fund at a glance

Scheme Categorisation

Alternative Investment Fund

Target Return

u00a33 for every u00a31 invested

Scheme Strategy

Private Equity SEIS**

Note that at least 75% of funds invested will qualify for SEIS tax reliefs with the remainder qualifying for EIS relief, thereby delivering at least a 45% income tax rebate on the amount invested

Investment Sector


Target Diversification

8 to 10 investee companies

Nominee & Custody Arrangements

Custodian: Woodside Corporate Services Limited

Nominee: WCS Nominees Limited