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Rockpool Investments LLP


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Who is Rockpool?

Rockpool is a private company investment firm based in London. It sources investments for its network of very high net worth individuals, many of whom are successful entrepreneurs. The firm’s mission is to make private company investing as accessible as the stockmarket, helping private individuals to profit from the growth of some of the UK’s best private companies.

What Rockpool says about itself

Rockpool combines the personal service of an investor network, which offers direct access to individual investments, with the scale and delivery capability of portfolio-building services, which attract committed funds from a wider base of investors.

How Rockpool describes their investment process:

Deal flow

Rockpool sources potential deals from the team’s wide contact base and from the Rockpool Network. Many of the Rockpool Network members are successful entrepreneurs, whose profile and contact networks attract companies that are looking for financing.

Company selection

Investment decisions are made by the investment committee, which includes Matt Taylor, Andrew Green (Head of Investment), Alan Armstrong and Roger Kendrick. Roger is an independent member, who also provides strategic guidance to the business.

Portfolio management

Rockpool typically takes a pro-active role in investee companies’ development, particularly for those within its exciting growth strategy. It will have the right to appoint a director, working closely with executive management to ensure that business strategy and exit planning are managed in line with shareholder interests.

The Rockpool team

Matt Taylor has 21 years’ private equity experience and has worked in banking and corporate finance for 3i, Morgan Stanley International and IKB Deutsche Industrie-bank. Matt was a senior partner of Foresight for 11 years.

Andrew Green has an 18 year track record in fund management and company finance, including roles with Morley Fund Management and SG Asset Management.

Alan Armstrong spent 12 years in private equity, becoming a director within NatWest Equity Partners. With backing from Electra Partners, he bought into a £25 million apparel group, transforming it into a profitable brand-led business.

Roger Kendrick built up Dramgate, an offshore ship owning company, over 10 years, achieving a highly profitable exit in 1998. Since then, Roger has invested in a wide range of companies across manufacturing, services, property and high technology sectors