All VCT, EIS, SEIS, and Business Relief qualifying investments are high risk and are not suitable for most clients. They are illiquid investments and Investors’ capital is at risk.

Nova Cofoundery EIS Fund

Investment Objective

The objective is to provide investors a diversified portfolio of at least 10 technology investments across a number of sectors. The rationale of the fund is to co-invest with We are Nova (www.wearenova.co.uk) in start-up and early stage technology companies.

We are Nova is a corporate cofounder of technology companies and has a 10 year track record in investing successfully in this space.

Exit Strategy

Nova provides human resources and services to each start-up in the portfolio on a flexible basis. This prevents the company locking-in fixed monthly costs, provides a flexible cashflow runway and ensures the start-up has the optimum mix of skills and resources to achieve objectives. Nova receives part of its payment for these services in cash and invests part in equity on the same terms as the Fund, hence, co-investing. This ensures the alignment of both Nova and the Fund investors in achieving a successful exit for the business.

Exit History

The existing portfolio is still at an early stage, less than 2 years, and although fair value capital uplifts have been secured on further funding rounds, capital realisations are yet to take place.

Fund Manager

Nova Growth Capital is an appointed representative of Sapphire Capital Partners LLP. Sapphire are a multi-award winning investment manager and consultancy based in both London and Belfast. They offer a diverse range of services, including: Fund investment management services and SEIS and EIS support. Sapphire Capital Partners are proud to be a Woman in Finance Charter signatory - this commits Sapphire to support gender balance across the financial services sector. Sapphire is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. Sapphire is an active member of the Enterprise Investment Scheme Association.

Fund Provider

Nova Growth Capital is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nova Group Holdings Limited. We invest in ideas stage and early stage start-ups, without any capital investment from the founders. Our programme will take businesses from an initial idea to discovering its market and building product/solution. The Nova team provides start-ups with all of the ‘Inside the Building’ services that required in its first year, allowing founders to focus on the problem and customers.


FeeInvestorInvestee Company
Initial feen/a5%
Annual feen/a2%
Performance Fee20% on portfolio level returns above 150%n/a
Other fee informationn/an/a
Kuber Special Arrangements


For further information please do not hesitate to contact us on:
+44 (0) 20 7952 6685

Fund at a glance

Scheme Categorisation

Alternative Investment Fund

Target Return

£1.72 for every £1 invested

Scheme Strategy

Venture Capital EIS

Investment Sector


Target Diversification

10 investee companies

Nominee & Custody Arrangements

Custodian: Woodside Corporate Services Limited

Nominee: WCS Nominees Limited