Cost of the investment - Manager rebates.

Where the Manager charges investors in its Scheme a fee directly, this fee will usually be reduced for investments made via Kuber. Where the Manager charges a fee directly to Investee companies it will not be possible for this fee to be reduced solely for those investing through Kuber. In these circumstances the Manager will arrange to rebate part of their fee received from the Investee Company to the Administrator’s client account for the benefit of the Investor. This amount can then be returned to you, used to purchase additional shares in subsequent investee companies or applied to fees.

Details of the charges levied by the different Managers are outlined in the Scheme descriptions on the following pages.

The table overleaf shows the effective cost of investing through Kuber. Where Manager rebates do not cover the ongoing fees in their entirety, the Manager will retain funds to cover fees.

Managers Rebates

SchemeInitial charges (% of subscriptions)Annual charges (% of Portfolio)
Kuber chargeNet investmentManager rebate
or fee reduction
Effective cost of KuberKuber charge
ACDC EIS1.5%98.50%0.99% Rebate0.51%0.2%
Atlantic Screen Media EIS1.5%98.50%0.99% Reduction0.51%0.2%
Boundary Capital AngelPlus EIS Fund1.5%98.50%0.99% Rebate0.51%0.2%
Centaur EIS Fund1.5%98.50%0.99% Rebate0.51%0.2%
CHF Media EIS1.5%98.50%0.99% Rebate0.51%0.2%
CHF Media EIS/SEIS1.5%98.50%0.99% Rebate0.51%0.2%
Deepbridge Technology1.5%98.50%0.99% Rebate0.51%0.2%
Deepbridge Life Sciences EIS1.5%98.50%0.99% Rebate0.51%0.2%
Guinness EIS1.5%98.50%0.99% Reduction0.51%0.2%
Guinness AIM EIS1.5%98.50%0.99% Reduction0.51%0.2%
Imbiba Leisure EIS1.5%98.50%0.0%1.5%0.2%
Jenson EIS Fund1.5%98.50%0.99% Rebate0.51%0.2%
Par Syndicate EIS 1.5%98.50%0.99% Reduction0.51%0.2%
Startup Funding Club EIS Growth Fund1.5%98.50%0.0%1.5%0.2%
Start-Up Series Fund (EIS)1.5%98.50%0.99% Rebate0.51%0.2%
Symvan Technology EIS1.5%98.50%0.99% Rebate0.51%0.2%
Velocity Consumer Technology EIS Fund1.5%98.50%0.49% Rebate1.01%0.2%
Boundary Capital AngelPlus SEIS Fund1.5%98.50%0.99% Rebate0.51%0.2%
British Design Fund 21.5%98.50%0.99% Rebate0.51%0.2%
British Robotics Sidecar Fund1.5%98.50%1.97 % Rebate- 0.47%0.2%
CHF Media EIS/SEIS1.5%98.50%0.99% Rebate0.51%0.2%
CHF SEIS1.5%98.50%0.99% Rebate0.51%0.2%
Deepbridge Innovation SEIS1.5%98.50%0.99% Rebate0.51%0.2%
Deepbridge Life Sciences SEIS1.5%98.50%0.99% Rebate0.51%0.2%
Jenson SEIS Fund1.5%98.50%0.99% Rebate0.51%0.2%
Origin Interactive Entertainment SEIS Fund1.5%98.50%0.99% Rebate0.51%0.2%
Symvan Technology SEIS1.5%98.50%0.99% Rebate0.51%0.2%
Start-Up Series Fund (SEIS)1.5%98.50%0.99% Rebate0.51%0.2%
Blackfinch Adapt IHT Portfolios1.5%98.50%0.99% Reduction0.51%0.2%
Deepbridge IHT Service1.5%98.50%1.48% Rebate0.0%0.2%
Guinness Sustainable Inheritance Planning1.5%98.50%0.0%1.5%0.2%
Mariana Estate Planning Solution1.5%98.50%0.0%1.5%0.2%

* All Guinness fees and the rebate are deferred until they can be paid from the proceeds of Investments.