All VCT, EIS, SEIS, and Business Relief qualifying investments are high risk and are not suitable for most clients. They are illiquid investments and Investors’ capital is at risk.

Kuber Investment Strategies


The Strategy offers an investment opportunity which diversifies the risk for investors in this high risk space, through investment across multiple Managers, each offering a diversified portfolio of underlying companies, spread over a range of sectors.

The levels of diversification mean the impact of each company and Manager as a proportion of the total portfolio may be lessened, with the intention of smoothing returns.

Due Diligence:

Managers in the Strategy have all undergone initial and ongoing due diligence conducted by Kuberu2019s Investment Committee, with support from Dr Brian Moretta, Hardman & Co. This research can be shared with Advisers and provides an additional layer of robustness to recommendations.

Ongoing monitoring and reporting:

Ongoing due diligence is conducted by the Kuber Investment Committee, offering a tax efficient industry expert opinion in addition to transactional data for Client reviews. This helps meet regulatory requirements around ongoing suitability.

Single application digital offering:

Kuber provides Advisers with a digital solution to access the investments in one place as well as administer, report on and maintain them in that same place. The administration burden for what would normally be a high maintenance portfolio is taken on by Kuber.

EIS Established Manager Strategy
EIS Targeted Allotment Strategy
SEIS Follow-On Strategy

EIS Established Manager Strategy

A diversified Strategy of EIS Managers who have a long and established track record of demonstrating their investment approaches in this market.

The unquoted tax efficient space is a high risk and unique market.It behaves differently to other markets and requires an additionallevel of specialist experience and knowledge to operate in successfully.This Strategy looks to: combine multiple Managers who can evidencesuch experience and knowledge through a number of differentinvestment cycles; to provide Kuber’s enhanced ongoing monitoringand reporting; and deliver this application and reporting digitally.

Minimum allocation £50,000
Blackfinch Ventures EIS Portfolios
Great Point Ventures EIS Fund
Guinness EIS Fund
Jenson EIS Fund
Mercia EIS Fund
Par EIS Fund
Symvan Technology EIS Fund

EIS Targeted Allotment Strategy

A diversified Strategy of EIS Managers who can offer a degree of control over allotment dates to allow for more predictable planning and tax relief.

The unquoted tax efficient space is a complex space and the allotment of shares in the underlying investee companies determines the year in which reliefs can be claimed. This Strategy looks to: combine multiple Managers who aim to fully allot this tax year; get investors tax relief on their full subscription; offer a 1% fee rebate or reduction; provide Kuber’s enhanced ongoing monitoring and reporting; and deliver this application and reporting digitally.

Minimum allocation £25,000
SideBySide EIS Venture Fund
Start-Up Series EIS Fund
Station12 Sports, Entertainment and Knowledge Service
Vala EIS Portfolio
Velocity EIS Technology Fund

SEIS Follow-On Strategy

A Strategy for high risk markets with a degree ofdownside protection built in from SEIS reliefs to help account for high levels of market volatility.

In times of uncertainty and market volatility there is high risk, but there is also high potential reward. This Strategy looks to capitalise on both through the generous tax reliefs afforded by SEIS. Initial income tax and loss relief offer a degree of downside protection, combined with CGT free upside potential. All the selected Managers apply EIS levels of due diligence to their SEIS investments with a view to follow on investment.

Minimum allocation £25,000
Jenson SEIS Fund
Nova Cofoundery SEIS Fund
Start-Up Series SEIS Fund
Symvan Technology SEIS Fund 3
Velocity SEIS Fund