All VCT, EIS, SEIS, and Business Relief qualifying investments are high risk and are not suitable for most clients. They are illiquid investments and Investors’ capital is at risk.

Anaerobic Digestion Renewable Energy EIS Fund (Marechale Capital)

Fund raising now successfully completed for the Marechale Renewable Energy AD Fund. No further monies being raised at present.

AMIM’s investment style

Capital growth/asset-backed private equity EIS in the focused sector of Renewable Energy using Anaerobic Digestion as the principle method of energy generation.

Fund overview

The objective of the Anaerobic Digestion Renewable Energy EIS Fund offered on the Kuber platform can be summarised as follows:

To achieve a spread of risk across each investor’s portfolio: Over-exposure to any one-portfolio company will be avoided wherever possible by restricting investment to a maximum of £5 million or 50% of the fund whichever is the greater. The Fund will aim to concentrate on businesses in the renewable energy sector using AD methods to generate power to the UK grid. These companies will provide asset-backed, secure long-term recurring revenue streams, and operate in growth markets which offer the prospect of sustained uplift over the medium term.

To focus on asset-backed investments: There are few genuinely freehold property backed EIS investment opportunities available, since successive UK and EU legislation has sought to eliminate such opportunities. However, power generation is a qualifying trade, which is the focus of the Fund.

To focus on ethical and sustainable investments: Whilst not specifically designed as an ethical fund, the Fund will consider carefully such issues as environmental impact, sustainability and other key value criteria in current investment objectives, such as corporate responsibility and other matters within the context of its responsibility to maximise returns to investors. Where possible, AMIM will only make investments that make a positive environmental contribution in their respective industries.

Where will the money be invested?

The Fund Manager, based on the recommendations of the Investment Advisor and the highly experienced Investment Advisory Committee, will select investments in line with the Fund investment criteria. These are likely to be in unquoted companies in the AD renewable energy sector with clear exit strategies, and a balance of asset backing, secure long terms revenues and strong growth opportunities.

A list of current investments under consideration is available from the Fund Manager from time to time but there is no guarantee that any specific investment will be made until the investment committee process is complete. The Fund Manager has entered into an agreement with FBL – an existing operator of two AD power generating plants with a further two power generating plants in construction- for FBL to provide a minimum of two opportunities for every £5 million raised by the Fund. Please note that the Fund Manager’s decision on investments is at its discretion and there is no self-select option. For those wishing to make their own selections, a portfolio service can be provided for individuals with substantial amounts to invest.