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Investment Objective

Blackfinch aim to deliver transparent products and services which offer value to investors, investing into sectors and opportunities which generate real returns. One area in which they deliver these benefits is through their IHT Portfolios, a discretionary service where investors acquire shares in companies which meet the qualification requirements for Business Property Relief. This can deliver a swift two year 100% inheritance tax relief for investors, whilst also enabling them to maintain control over their assets and benefit from the underlying trading activity returns.

Fund Manager

Blackfinch Investment Solutions

Blackfinch is an established UK provider of capital protected and tax efficient investment solutions. Our philosophy is based on transparency and simplicity. Our services provide real solutions to real financial planning challenges faced by individuals today. We have been operating in the UK retail investment market since 1992. Our focus has been primarily on tax efficiency, coupled with capital preservation, and our track record reflects a growing client base, with group assets under administration and management of approximately £500 million.

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Investment Strategy

Through the discretionary portfolio management service, Blackfinch have developed two model portfolios which cater for different client needs, providing choice and control for investors:

Blackfinch Adapt IHT Capital preservation portfolio
  • Target 4% – net of costs and charges
  • Strong focus on capital protection
  • Above inflation returns aim to preserve capital
Blackfinch Adapt IHT growth portfolio
  • Target 6% – net of costs and charges
  • Focus on capital protection with enhanced potential upside
  • Returns aim to create annual portfolio growth

The two model portfolios access the same underlying businesses but have different portfolio allocations. This means that portfolios which target growth will have a more predominant focus on businesses which can provide higher returns, while portfolios which target capital preservation will have a more even spread of allocations in businesses which focus more heavily on capital protection in exchange for lower returns.


Initial fees

Blackfinch charges a 1% initial fee and a 1% dealing


Blackfinch allows 1 withdrawal per annum in May

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Scheme Categorisation

The scheme is structured as Discretionary Managed Service and the Information Memorandum can be found here at

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