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NB: Due to a significant change in the application process for Advanced Assurance that has been introduced by HMRC which will affect the whole market, it is not possible to commit to investing the SEIS portfolio, being closed on the 24th of March in this current tax year, for carry back purposes. Due to our current book of existing EIS and SEIS companies we believe that we can invest our EIS in this tax year for carry back purposes. If you have any questions or seek clarification please contact Piers Denne on 07837715679

Investment Objective

The ACDC Fund is an EIS “follow-on” fund for investee companies that have previously been through Due Diligence and have received investment via an EIS/VC investment or SEIS Investment.

ACDC is a generalist technology fund with an emphasis on technologies which have their focus in a particular sector rather than the companies that are generalists themselves, as an example and as potential investments, companies are being reviewed in the following sectors - ad-tech; fin-tech, security-tech, health & pharma.

ACDC will look to invest in between 3-7 companies across 3-5 sectors where the investments will be between £350k - £1.8M.

Exit Strategy

By positioning the Fund as a Follow-on SEIS/EIS fund, Investee companies will have already been through 3rd party DD and will have “trial” revenues amongst the minimum requirements. The Management team of the investee company will need to demonstrate a strong strategy in both development and sale in order to satisfy our exit criteria. A trade sale is the most usual form of exit and AMIM will need to be convinced there is likely to be strong competition from a variety of trade buyers. Whilst EIS shares must be held for at least 3 years to maintain the EIS tax breaks, experience shows that the best exits sometimes take longer to achieve. The Fund should therefore be viewed as a 3-5 year investment in order to achieve its full exit potential. To make an exit more valuable, The Fund will normally seek to restrict debt to modest levels on an ongoing basis, not more than 40% of the total funding requirement of the business needs. As a matter of principle, the Fund intends to keep a tight rein on all debt ensuring that positive cash flows, when derived by the business, are used to pay down any debt wherever possible.

Fund Manager

Amersham Investment Management Ltd

Amersham Investment Management Ltd (AMIM) FRN 507460 was established by Paul Barnes and Michael Waller-Bridge in 2009. Regulated as an Investment Manager since 2012, AMIM provides professional and empathetic Investment Management to promoters and other regulated professionals, as well as the development and management of their own branded EIS & SEIS Funds. For further information please visit:

Fund Provider

Amersham Investment Management Ltd


2.65% establishment and initial fees, Ongoing 1.65% Fund Management fee per annum to be charged to the Company

For further information please do not hesitate to

contact us on:

+44 (0) 20 7952 6685

Fund at a glance

Scheme Categorisation

The Scheme is structured as an Alternative Investment Fund and the Fund Prospectus can be found at Amim

Target Return

6.66% p.a. as the hurdle rate of the Fund

Scheme Strategy

Private Equity

Investment Sector


Target Diversification

The Fund will seek to spread investments in the region of £350k to £1.8M across 3-7 companies and 3-5 sectors,

Nominee & Custody Arrangements

The nominee is Woodside Nominees Limited, the Custodian is Woodside.