Due Diligence

Kuber Ventures’ mission is to demystify, modernise and ultimately make the Tax Exempt Investment market more transparent and accessible. Transparency is one of the key elements of MiFID II especially the focus on payments for research and as a result the requirement to initiate Research Payment Accounts,(RPAs). Kuber is keen to embrace the RPA requirements and be at the forefront of change, in order to continue on its mission to make investing in the EIS market for Advisers more straightforward and easy to understand, whilst increasing the market’s accessibility.

In accordance with MIFID II Kuber is delighted to be able offer access to its Due Diligence centre via a subscription service.

The Due Diligence centre contains the current reviews for Hardman & Co MICAP reviews on offers which are currently on the Platform.

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For those advisers who do not have to pay to receive any Duel Diligence reports please click on the either of the links below: