All VCT, EIS, SEIS, and Business Relief qualifying investments are high risk and are not suitable for most clients. They are illiquid investments and Investors’ capital is at risk.

Act now for early EIS/SEIS opportunities


Investing early in the tax year often affords clients more opportunities and possibly stronger investment opportunities.

The early bird…

We have a number of funds on the Platform which aim to close 30 June including:

> Guinness EIS, Guinness sources investments through its networks of contacts, the team have a strong pipeline of investee companies across businesses that own property and land and businesses with high value stock and equipment.
> Seneca Managed Storage EIS No 2, Seneca’s team has identified the opportunity to acquire a number of freehold and/or long leasehold storage facilities to further expand the estate of storage assets that they manage.
> Start Up Series SEIS , the Start Up Series SEIS Fund One is a discretionary portfolio service which will invest in the winners of a monthly competition run on startups.co.uk, the purpose of which is to identify a start-up business to be considered for up to £150,000 of equity funding each month.
> Boundary Capital Home Run EIS/SEIS, invests in technology and life science based businesses that are growing or need to be turned around.

This may give your clients a better chance of receiving their EIS certificates early and benefiting from the EIS tax reliefs.

Carry back facility

And don’t forget for clients still looking to carry back relief to reclaim the tax they have already paid during 2016/17 with EIS & SEIS, it is possible to carry back relief due on investments in qualifying companies to a previous tax year. Which means that by utilising both tax years, investors can gain relief on up to £200k in SEIS & £2m in EIS receiving a maximum of £700k of tax paid.

The Kuber approach

Kuber is ideally placed to help. It is the natural one stop shop for EIS/SEIS & BPR investing as it offers an extensive range of funds from different providers across a wide range of sectors, giving Advisers the ability to construct a portfolio of EIS/SEIS & BPR investments in any one year using one application form. Recent data shows that, on average, a client invested via Kuber holds 4 EIS and 14 underlying Investee Companies for each individual investment made.
The funds are available as:

> a self-select fund (s)
> an investment through a Kuber Strategy*
> a combination of the above


At Kuber we believe in making life as simple as possible and believe that there are strong and compelling reasons why Advisers should use platforms when advising clients on certain investments including EIS, SEIS and BPR investments.

These reasons include:

> Managing investment risk
> Managing administration
> Building a diversified portfolio
> Building a scaleable, digital solution for EIS/SEIS and BPR investing

However, you needn’t take our word for it, you can see for yourselves…

*Kuber Ventures is neither endorsing or providing advice relating to the application of these strategies.