We closely follow our set of core values:

Be First

  • For the first time, everything required for a diversified EIS/SEIS/BPR portfolio is available under one roof. Ours
  • One application form for investment in a variety of EIS/SEIS/BPR portfolios
  • Consolidated reporting: Regular reporting covering all your clients EIS/SEIS/BPR holdings
  • Access: One platform giving you access to select EIS/SEIS/BPR portfolios with all the data you need to make an informed decision
  • Diversification: Opportunity to spread your investment across a range of EIS/SEIS/BPR portfolios

Be Supported

  • We were the inaugural sponsors of the EIS/SEIS/BPR qualification for advisers offered by the Enterprise Investment Scheme Association (“EISA”). We actively support education for advisers and offer a range of educational resources
  • We seek to grow market awareness of EIS/SEIS/BPR to support of the growth of British enterprise
  • We provide state of the art administration via our platform
  • We seek to provide investors and their professional advisers with the best possible information, administration and investment opportunities
  • The basis of the EIS/SEIS/BPR is to support the growth of small businesses and this is embedded in everything we do – from inception we’ve employed the resources of small start-up companies such as PR and branding agencies

Be Transparent

  • We offer a transparent charging structure; designed in the best interests of our clients so there are no hidden charges
  • We publish regular factsheets for all our EIS/SEIS/BPR managers
  • Integrity: We are committed to a rigorous appropriateness test to make sure that EIS/SEIS/BPR portfolios are only sold to suitable clients and everything we do is focused on the best interests of our advisers and their clients

Be Independent

  • We’re not an EIS/SEIS/BPR manager, simply a platform to provide advisers with access to a wide range of EIS/SEIS/BPR portfolios in one place
  • All the EIS/SEIS/BPR portfolios available on our platform have been reviewed and approved by our due diligence partner.
  • We seek to offer only industry leading EIS/SEIS/BPR portfolios from reputable managers