Kuber Ventures (Kuber) has selected Digital Keystone to supply its Adaptive Portal technology to power the UK’s first dedicated EIS platform.

Digital Keystone is financial systems software with extensive experience and in-depth understanding of the financial services industry. The company offers next generation Portal technology that allows financial services companies to create user-centric platforms for their customers and distributors. DK recognises that the financial services industry requires innovative technology solutions that need to be developed and delivered efficiently and in a cost effective way. Digital Keystone boasts considerable software development expertise with experience in implementing mission critical financial solutions for high profile clients.

The Adaptive Portal provides an HTML5 user-interface which runs smoothly across desktops, tablets and mobile devices. The technology delivers content, data and functionality via widgets linking users to relevant information from underlying systems and applications to fit their needs and preferences.

The widget based architecture will be used to give advisers and investors access to a wide range of EIS products, resources and document repositories. Over time the system can be extended to provide windows onto other back office systems, financial accounts, management information, as well as third party content such as video, messaging, and specialist news feeds.

Digital Keystone’s tools and front-end technologies have been in use within the investment platform market since 2007. The company was instrumental in the development of front-end software for the wrap platforms at Novia Financial and AEGON.

DK recently completed a project to enhance AEGON’s platform capability adding to the existing functionality. The enhancements include extended functionality to the front-end tools used in the user journey for portfolio building, plus adapted Lifestyle Planner, Shortfall Calculator and Master Investment Lists to allow for the new wrapper, as well as additional back-end integration to organisations like Experian. DK has also enhanced its auto-generated contract notes to cater for RDR.