Administrator and Nominee

Woodside Corporate Services Limited (‘WCSL’)

WCSL is a wholly-owned subsidiary and member of the Woodside Secretaries Limited (‘WSL’) group of companies. WSL has been trading since 1st July 1989 and was acquired in May 2012 by Tricor ATC Solutions LLP, part of the Tricor Group based in Hong Kong, which is itself part of the Bank of East Asia group.

The principal business of WSL is corporate secretarial and corporate administration services. Due to demand from its clients, WSL incorporated WCSL in 2007 and it became FCA-authorised in November 2007 after a six-month approval process.

WCSL’s main activities are as Receiving Agent, Custodian, Security Trustee, Nominee and Administrator of LLPs and EIS Funds. The group currently has over 75 clients and works with over twenty FCA-authorised companies. It is currently in negotiation with or has signed up conditional contracts for the current Tax Year for another 30 EIS Funds, LLPs or VCTs with fifteen new FCA-authorised clients and five existing clients, as well as handling share offers for another 20 companies. It also works closely with firms of solicitors who are also regulated such as Howard Kennedy, Marriott Harrison, DLA Piper and Edwin Coe.

A separate bank account is used for each transaction. It will be with Metro Bank and will be a Trustee Account (so that it is not part of WCSL’s assets), duly certified as such by Metro Bank. All client accounts are segregated for each client and co-mingling of clients’ assets does not take place.