I wanted to be able to bring the benefits of EIS investments to my clients but had been previously deterred by the concentration risk that resulted from investing too great a proportion of client’s LNW into single high risk companies. The benefit of diversification was one of the biggest drivers. What was also very important was the rigour of Kuber’s due diligence process in that they vetted all of the managers who they allowed on to their platform. The next greatest advantages were the efficient administration and clear communication that Kuber offered

Russell & Co, Grant Connell

The fact we could build EIS portfolios and spread the risk rather than relying one particular manager and carrying out due diligence on each EIS scheme.

Much easier just to do due diligence on Kuber and be comfortable with their processes for reviewing everyone else! Big time saver for us.

Wealth and Tax Management, Carl Roberts APFS Chartered Financial Planner
Wealth and Tax Management